Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Unelection the FAQ

Hopefully the obvious questions answered:

What Is Unelection?

It's an alternative to mainstream election coverage - an online, crowdsourced, zerobudget broadcast.

When is it on?

We'll be starting about 9:30pm on Thu 7th May and broadcasting through the night until we all collapse from exhaustion.

How do I watch it?

Just come here from 9:30pm and you'll find a link to our live stream.
Or follow @unelection on twitter or sign up to our facebook page.

We'll also be on periscope - just follow @unelection or @thehistoryguy

Who is going to be on it?

The show is hosted by Dan Snow and will feature an array of guests connecting to us online. We have comedians, experts, campaigners, bloggers and others. Check out our twitter conversations for an idea of who we'll have on. Special guest will be Peter Snow - the legend of the swingometer. If you want to see Peter on election night - unelection is the only place to be.

How Can I Get Involved?

The most important thing is to help us spread the news. We've got no advertising budget so we need all the word of mouth we can get. Sign up to @unelection or facebook and help us share. The more people involved the better it will get.

We also want you to tell us what you want on the broadcast. What are the issues we should cover? Who should we speak to? Send us the best election virals you've seen and we'll share those.

Why Are You Doing This?

This election will be unlike any other. The political landscape is fracturing, social media is breaking the power of the mainstream media, and the result looks less clear than ever before. We think this means there's room for an alternative kind of election coverage - using the power of technology and social media to the full. We hope to interest and inspire people - particularly those who might not watch conventional broadcasting. We also expect lots of people will dual screen us which is great. Just as politics is no longer a choice between 3 mainstream parties, so election night shouldn't be a choice between 3 mainstream broadcasters.

Who Is Paying For This?

No one. We're all volunteers doing it on a budget of about £10 (not including pizza) - so roughly one millionth of the budget of the big broadcasters! That means we have no paymasters, no advertisers, no sponsors. The only people we need to respond to are the audience.

Any more question? Tweet us.

We hope you enjoy unelection.


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